Friday, June 29, 2012

We Have a Beta! Read the Manual!

After months of development, I've just merged the development branch into the master branch. Get the V0.2.0 tag from Github or update your local working copy.

What's new?

  • Improved performance! (new benchark results will follow)
  • CMake instead of Automake
  • A user manual (PDF)
  • A stable API*

* I know libcppa had a quite volatile API in the past. However, this is the first official release and libcppa is no longer released as experimental version. You will seldom see code-breaking changes from now on and in major updates only! This is the perfect time to get started with libcppa. :)

That said, version 0.2 had a few changes. Here is a list of "quick-fixes" to get your code running again:
  • become_void() => quit()
  • future_send() => delayed_send()
  • stacked_event_based_actor is dead and gone; just use event_based_actor and the new policy-based API of become/unbecome (please read the manual for further details)
  • fsm_actor => sb_actor (read: "State-Based Actor"); because "real", transition-oriented FSM actors are something I am thinking about as a possible feature in a future release
  • spawn(new T(...)) => spawn<T>(...)

I will update all blog posts in the near future, so that all code examples will compile and run with version 0.2.

Have fun!