Friday, August 10, 2012

New Functions in 0.3.3

Among some bugfixes, version 0.3.3 also includes a few new functions to add 'missing' features:
  • Forwarding of Messages
    libcppa lacked an easy and transparent way to forward messages. The new function forward_to finally adds this functionality. Furthermore, forwarding a synchronous messages is not possible without this function. Read more about forwarding in Section 5.4 of the manual.
  • Messaging with Tuples
    Matthias Vallentin pointed out that the API was somewhat inconsistent, since it did not provide functions to use a tuple as response message. We have added the following functions in version 0.3.3 to treat tuples as first-class citizen: send_tuple, sync_send_tuple, reply_tuple, delayed_send_tuple and delayed_reply_tuple.
  • Manual
    The manual is now included to the source distribution as manual.pdf and states the libcppa version.
  • Doxygen
    CMake checks whether doxygen is available on your system and adds an optional "doc" target to the Makefile. You can create your own local version of the doxygen documentation by running "make doc". Open the file html/index.html afterwards.

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