Monday, May 13, 2013

Version 0.7 released

Version 0.7 of libcppa has just been released. For the first time in an official release, this version breaks code compatibility with earlier versions (this was not an easy step and caused some discussion). When calling spawn with a function, the new default implementation is event-based. Hence, your actor should set its behavior using become and not use functions like receive. However, it is pretty easy to port your existing code. To opt-in to the "old" behavior, use spawn<blocking_api>(fun_name).

Among improvements and optimizations, this version includes a few new functions as well:
  • Priority-aware messaging (opt-in feature)
  • OpenCL-based actors (must be enabled using '--with-opencl')

Please note that the manual has received a huge update due to the changed default behavior of spawn and has not caught up to the new features yet.


    Hello World Example is not updated?

    1. I'm sorry. I've simply forgot to update the HTML version. It's updated now.

  2. hi,is there any example for opencl-based actor?